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Do you have an old mobile phone or tablet lying around in your house or office?

It is really hard to determine exactly that how many UK Citizens recycle their mobile phones & tablets although Phone-Cycle has a fairly good idea about how many people in UK don’t. The United Kingdom produces around 1.3 million tonnes of electronic waste every year. While this electronic waste is not all mobile phones.

Many people own more than one device in UK. There are 81.1 million UK mobile phone subscriptions, despite only 64.1 million people living in the United Kingdom. It is estimated that 93% of UK adults own a mobile phone – just over 49 million people. That’s not counting teenagers and children either.

The average person in UK upgrades their mobile phone every 18 months, which means more and more of us have old mobiles lying around, the average household has 1-3 unused mobile phones.

So, why aren’t people recycling their old mobile phones?

Another study suggests that, in total, United Kingdom residents have hoarded 6.86 billion of unused mobile phones. Imagine the money our people could make if they just recycle mobile phones instead of hoarding them!

Millions of people own a mobile phone, with even more unused devices hidden away around our houses. According to recent UK phone recycling statistics, 46% of people recycle mobile phones. This includes using or giving it away or using phone recycling websites like

But what should we do with these unused devices?

One option is to have a mobile phone recycle session with Phone-Cycle; click here to get an instant price for your old phone, or read on to learn more about mobile phone recycling! Click HERE to Sell your Old Mobile Phone.