How To Sell

1. Complete Sale

Takes No time at all to complete the sales process

Search for your handset which you want to sell. Select working or faulty, Model, Network and to find out your phone worth. Then select payment method and IMEI number and click SELL PHONE. Your sale will then update in your Sales Basket and your can choose to complete or add another handset.

Phone Cycle Sale

2. Receive FREE Sales Pack

A FREE sales pack will be sent to you

Once you have completed your handset sale, we will post a FREE sales packet. It will contain all the details of how to send us your handset and what should be included in your pack.

Phone Cycle Delivery

3. Post Handset

Post your sales pack to Phone Cycle within 14 days

Use the FREE sales to post your handset to us within the timeframe of 14 days.

Phone Cycle Postbox

4. Receive Fast Payment

Send on same day as received

Once we receive your posted handset, we will carry out the checks to finalise if the mobile is working or faulty. Once correct, payment will be sent to you and sale completed!!

Fast Payment Hand